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Book covers and illustrations

“Almanac 2024” Book Cover

“The Thread That Connect Us” Book Cover Vol. 2

John Burns’ 5th album covers

Album Cover (lonely city)

Album Cover (film noir)





“Almanac 2023” Book Cover

Illustrations for “With the bare feet of childhood”

“The World Of The Mirror” Book Cover

“The Thread That Connect Us” Book Cover

Visualization of different versions of book 1 and (future) book 2

“Tints” Book Cover

“Almanac 2022” Book Cover

“I dedicated a short verse to you” Book Cover

“Ink worlds” Book Cover

Illustrations for “Almanac 2021”

“Almanac 2020” Book Cover

“A tale for dreamers” Book Cover

“Where the sea touches the shore” Book Cover

“Almanac 2019” Book Cover

“Seasons” Book Cover

Illustrations for “Seasons”

“Almanac 2018” Book Cover

“Nostalgia” Book Cover

“Almanac 2017” Book Cover

“Almanac 2016” Book Cover


My illustration “All for one” was chosen to be part of Fine Acts' global Reimagining Human Rights campaign, and I, along with hundreds of artists, contributed to building a collection of positive, hopeful illustrations for sharing, using and adapting for non-commercial purposes. You can see my artwork here:


Stop Asian Hate

Can we be better human beings?

Three fingers for Myanmar

Violence is never an option

How much do you have left? You don't know, do you?


Milky Way